Shrink audio files using dBpowerAMP

dBpowerAMP music converter is an audio converter which does its work very fast. It can be used to convert music files from one format to other and also change the bitrate of mp3 files.

What is the use of mp3?
Yes, this is the first question which might arise in your mind. mp3 is a very widespread music format which is rendered by all music players and also the importance lies in that it can work fast and very easy user interface.

You can see in the following figure that a right click context menu on an audio file which has a convert to option.

You can convert into different formats also as you wish. If you choose mp3 format, you will be given with option to check if you want to use whether a fixed bitrate or variable bitrate in advanced options. You are provided with option to choose the bitrate of mp3 files. The bitrate should be high if you want a high quality audio and it should be less when you need a small sized file. Usually high bitrate is used for home theaters or different players and low bitrate is chosen for portable players. Here are the options available in that when mp3 format is chosen as an output format.

It also has dsp effect, normalizer and also you can install additional codecs to increase the functionality and also as per your requirement.

This is the software I have seen which converts up to 14x speed. Usual softwares can do up to some 7x to 10x, but here the minimum is 10x.

Sounds great? Download here!

Firefox: A set of shortcuts to make your browsing easy

Firefox, as discussed earlier is the most secure and highly popular software meant for web browsing. Here are the set of keyboard shortcuts which you may need while using that software. Remember them to make your browsing more of fun.

Here goes the list:

To add bookmarks of your favorite site: Ctrl+D
Goto the previous page you viewed: Backspace
Goto next page: Shift+Backspace [applicable after you use backspace or back browsing]
To close the tab you are viewing currently: Ctrl+W
To open a new tab on same window: Ctrl+T
To open a new window: Ctrl+N
To zoom in: Ctrl++, to zoom out: Ctrl+-
Quick find a particular text on the viewed page: / or '
Find on the page: Ctrl+F
Scroll up/down: Up/Down Arrow keys
Goto top of the page: Home
Goto bottom of the page: End
Full Screen view of the page: F11
Goto the homepage: Alt+Home
Change to next open tab: Ctrl+Tab
View the page source: Ctrl+U
Web search at the top right corner: Ctrl+K

Bittorrent: Download any torrent with ease

Torrents are the most convenient way to download anything from the internet. Yes, I am sure of the term anything, ANYTHING is available in torrent, just speed differs based on popularity.

Bittorrent is a torrent client software which is the easiest tool to download torrents from peer to peer networks. You can find out the details with the torrent like tracker, files included in the torrent, peers, pieces and speed.

It is commonly known for torrent users that all torrent files can be downloaded fast when they are more popular. When the popularity decreases, the speed of download also decrease as the file sharing is of type peer to peer. That is, if you are downloading a particular file, at the same time, you are uploading the same. Though you may control the bandwidth of your upload limit, you cannot and should not stop the uploading process.

The source for download is not just the single server, but in such systems, each and every computer will behave as a server. A most popular 1gb file may be downloaded within an hour based on your internet bandwidth but an unpopular 10mb file may take even weeks to complete, or it may not get downloaded fully. Such problems will not occur in a single server systems. Here is the graphical interface screen shot of the bittorrent software.

There are more advantages in using a torrent software and for a beginner, bittorrent is the most recommended software as other popular ones like bitcomet are not as friendly as this for a newbie.

One more feature with bittorrent is an RSS downloader which I am going to deal in coming posts.

Download bittorrent.

Take back the web with firefox

Firefox, from mozilla corporation is a very secure, easy, compact browser. The most recent version till the previous day was firefox 3.0, and now, the most recent release is 3.0.1. And this version is updated with all fixes for bugs in version 3.0.

Considering RAM usage factor, it is very efficient with that and consumes much lesser memory than firefox 2.x.

The firefox version this time also set up a world record of having the maximum number of downloads on the download day of firefox. On that day, they shared their happiness with all firefox fans by providing them a certificate for giving a contribution in their success.

Though it is the best browser, it had few bugs with that. But, the bugs with firefox 3 have been removed and now they won't appear in firefox 3.0.1.

The most amazing part of this software is that it is available for free. And is now the most used and most secure and popular of all web browsers.

You may download the latest version of firefox here.

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Secure your system with Avast

Avast is an antivirus software which helps you to protect your computer from viruses. Viruses are the top threats of today and they are the most horrible ones to live with.

These days, most of the pen drives are also called as virus carriers as they are the second top source of viruses apart from internet.

Avast is an antivirus software which is very capable to protect your computer with its advanced protection sysstem. You will be automatically updated with new virus definitions. Even it can protect you from threats which arise from internet. It can also give advance warning of some files. If some files cannot be delted which can be quarantined and may be deleted after the next restart.

That has much more features like heuristic protection, antispyware and also internet traffic monitoring.

Apart from having all these advantages, it is FREE. Yes, it is totally free and you can download it from here.

Adobe Photoshop: Give life to images

Adobe corporation has the credit to introduce this wonderful software to the software world. This has changed the life of images to reality. This software has a great feature of editing images in different layers.

The layering is the way by which different parts of image pasted at different time slots can be edited in different ways. You can find lots of filters which makes your editing much more easy.

The filters can be of different styles which are used to insert specific actions readily which would take much time to edit manually.

Additionally, the software has support for text and not just that, it can apply different styles and formats to the fonts. It has many inbuilt fonts and also supports much more fonts which we install on windows. All windows fonts are supported by default.

The following image shows you what might be the image quality with photoshop.

Though all these features are attractive, the system resource usage and also the price of the software is very high. The latest version Photoshop CS3 Extended costs you $999. But also, you can download a free trial to see how the software works for you.

WinRAR: The best alternative to winzip

Today, I would like to deal with another must have utility. That is winrar. That would be a best alternative to the traditional winzip or windows compression utility. It is having a very cool interface with a very high compression capabilities.

You can also find out the compression by checking the information of previously compressed zip/ rar files.

Coming on to the compression, you can have five levels of compression. Very low to very high. Low compression can be made within a short span of time and very high compression is the one which needs much time to complete.

As most of the downloads are available as a form of winrar archives, it is must for you to have this software installed.

The most important thing about that is that a trial copy can be donwloaded for free and can be used with few limitations.

Download WinRAR.

Xenu's link sleuth

This time, I am moving towards SEO. The main part of SEO which is ignored by all is related with broken links. Broken links are those which results in a 404 error. Such links will result in reducing the page rank of your site.

Today, I am going to introduce you with a software which is used to find out all broken links on your site. The software is xenu's link sleuth. It is a desktop software which can identify broken links on your site which are no more available. Of course, the time for the overall process depends on various factors like the size of your site, your internet bandwidth and also the speed of your server.

This software searches for broken links arising from text links, image links, frames, plugins, local maps, stylesheets, scripts and java applets.

This small simple software has features like creation of report, which is even emailable. Also it has a feature to re test broken links which may arise due to network problems. It also reports redirections like 301 and 302.

You can download the software here.

Getdiz : A simple text editor

Getdiz, a very simple text editor is a very useful tool which is much better than the formal notepad. This is having its own features which can be described below. But before that have a screenshot of that.

Features are as below:

  1. Fixed width: If you type continuously in notepad, the scrollbar appears and you will keep on typing in same line. The case here is entirely different. You will be having a fixed width, and the continuous text will jump to next line, like MS Word.
  2. Highlighting: This special feature is used to highlight the urls and also email ids. It is done automatically, so that all http:// and also @s will be highlighted.

Moreover, it is a FREEWARE.

It is a must have and must try tool. Download it here.

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