Bittorrent: Download any torrent with ease

Torrents are the most convenient way to download anything from the internet. Yes, I am sure of the term anything, ANYTHING is available in torrent, just speed differs based on popularity.

Bittorrent is a torrent client software which is the easiest tool to download torrents from peer to peer networks. You can find out the details with the torrent like tracker, files included in the torrent, peers, pieces and speed.

It is commonly known for torrent users that all torrent files can be downloaded fast when they are more popular. When the popularity decreases, the speed of download also decrease as the file sharing is of type peer to peer. That is, if you are downloading a particular file, at the same time, you are uploading the same. Though you may control the bandwidth of your upload limit, you cannot and should not stop the uploading process.

The source for download is not just the single server, but in such systems, each and every computer will behave as a server. A most popular 1gb file may be downloaded within an hour based on your internet bandwidth but an unpopular 10mb file may take even weeks to complete, or it may not get downloaded fully. Such problems will not occur in a single server systems. Here is the graphical interface screen shot of the bittorrent software.

There are more advantages in using a torrent software and for a beginner, bittorrent is the most recommended software as other popular ones like bitcomet are not as friendly as this for a newbie.

One more feature with bittorrent is an RSS downloader which I am going to deal in coming posts.

Download bittorrent.


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