Shrink audio files using dBpowerAMP

dBpowerAMP music converter is an audio converter which does its work very fast. It can be used to convert music files from one format to other and also change the bitrate of mp3 files.

What is the use of mp3?
Yes, this is the first question which might arise in your mind. mp3 is a very widespread music format which is rendered by all music players and also the importance lies in that it can work fast and very easy user interface.

You can see in the following figure that a right click context menu on an audio file which has a convert to option.

You can convert into different formats also as you wish. If you choose mp3 format, you will be given with option to check if you want to use whether a fixed bitrate or variable bitrate in advanced options. You are provided with option to choose the bitrate of mp3 files. The bitrate should be high if you want a high quality audio and it should be less when you need a small sized file. Usually high bitrate is used for home theaters or different players and low bitrate is chosen for portable players. Here are the options available in that when mp3 format is chosen as an output format.

It also has dsp effect, normalizer and also you can install additional codecs to increase the functionality and also as per your requirement.

This is the software I have seen which converts up to 14x speed. Usual softwares can do up to some 7x to 10x, but here the minimum is 10x.

Sounds great? Download here!


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