Take back the web with firefox

Firefox, from mozilla corporation is a very secure, easy, compact browser. The most recent version till the previous day was firefox 3.0, and now, the most recent release is 3.0.1. And this version is updated with all fixes for bugs in version 3.0.

Considering RAM usage factor, it is very efficient with that and consumes much lesser memory than firefox 2.x.

The firefox version this time also set up a world record of having the maximum number of downloads on the download day of firefox. On that day, they shared their happiness with all firefox fans by providing them a certificate for giving a contribution in their success.

Though it is the best browser, it had few bugs with that. But, the bugs with firefox 3 have been removed and now they won't appear in firefox 3.0.1.

The most amazing part of this software is that it is available for free. And is now the most used and most secure and popular of all web browsers.

You may download the latest version of firefox here.

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