Firefox: A set of shortcuts to make your browsing easy

Firefox, as discussed earlier is the most secure and highly popular software meant for web browsing. Here are the set of keyboard shortcuts which you may need while using that software. Remember them to make your browsing more of fun.

Here goes the list:

To add bookmarks of your favorite site: Ctrl+D
Goto the previous page you viewed: Backspace
Goto next page: Shift+Backspace [applicable after you use backspace or back browsing]
To close the tab you are viewing currently: Ctrl+W
To open a new tab on same window: Ctrl+T
To open a new window: Ctrl+N
To zoom in: Ctrl++, to zoom out: Ctrl+-
Quick find a particular text on the viewed page: / or '
Find on the page: Ctrl+F
Scroll up/down: Up/Down Arrow keys
Goto top of the page: Home
Goto bottom of the page: End
Full Screen view of the page: F11
Goto the homepage: Alt+Home
Change to next open tab: Ctrl+Tab
View the page source: Ctrl+U
Web search at the top right corner: Ctrl+K


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